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Somehow I was in a strange place and was lying on the ground covered in potato bugs I could literally feel them crawling all over me completely covered. I then convinced myself that this was simply a ploy, Satan messing with my mind. The bugs disappeared, and the dream ended with my mother and myself sitting by a highway underpass waiting for Jesus. Second rapture dream very few from the entire world go to heaven.

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. See Linda Rika YouTube testimony. Three preachers out of five million people were eligible for heaven on the day she saw the Lord. The preacher must read the entire holy KJV bible, only, word for word, alone, just his word, only. We must follow it the same way or not his people. They preach for money, and all miss heaven. I walked outside with a male acquaintance; we were laughing. I don't know his face in real life.

I looked above him and saw the sky was a vivid blue with bright white clouds in geometric snowflake-like patterns that filled the entire sky.


I turned to the left and saw angels and thought, "this is it. I felt the presence of hundreds of people around me, was very concerned for their souls and loudly said 'the sinner's prayer. The sky or earth spun extremely fast, and we all lifted slowly into the air.

I felt Jesus up there in the sky but didn't see Him. I was in my old neighborhood doing something and looked up in the sky and noticed the clouds were turning dark grey. I looked up and saw a man coming out of the clouds. Then I saw This second man riding on a horse in the clouds coming toward us.

I yelled to the crowd that's the real Jesus. Everyone was so happy and crying. I said to Jesus; I'm so glad you're here. Somehow in the dream, He became seated and was talking to the people. Then I started singing a song, and at the end of the song I woke up. So I am 18 years old, and I am from the U. My family has always been believers in Christ and somewhat churchgoers; not every Sunday, but at least twice a month.

Before this dream, which occurred on Tuesday, July 9th, , I had never dreamt about Jesus before. I will now deliver the dream:. So I was somewhere near a field under a tent or small building with just a roof and no walls. The only thing I could move was my right fingers, and I was trying to wake my girlfriend; I was physically aware of what was happening to my body, and at this point, was no longer in a dream. It finally stopped, and I gained control of my body.

I immediately tried to gather myself on what just happened. The only thing I could think of to make this somewhat reasonable was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Shanita: United States.

Single-mindedness, Integrity, and Diligence Through Grace

My name is shanita, and I had a dream about there being a rapture. I was hanging with my old friends from middle school. We were driving, and as we were driving, we drove near a riot. We almost drove into the uprising, but I told them to turn around and drive the other way. When we were close to the riot, I witnessed a crowd aggressively attacking a truck, they all had angry faces as they were attacking the truck. So after we drove away from the riot, we decided to continue traveling on foot.

As we were walking on foot, I either bumped into another person or almost bumped into another person and when that happened one of my friends said, with an Attitude and a face of annoyance, "don't you watch where you're going.

Dreams Visions And Testimonies Of The Last Days Volume Ii Ebooks

I was a little upset at how she made me feel for almost or actually bumping into the other person, so I decided to walk off. As I started walking away, someone was shouting out, "the rapture is here, and no one is taking it seriously, the rapture is here, and it is real. I am 60 years old, and I had my rapture dream when I was ten years old. It was so intense and vivid and real it has remained with me still today as clear as it was then. I was a young child, and I was standing near a field where we lived.

I could see the apple trees in the meadow and the tall golden grasses. Our neighbor's house was in the distance. Suddenly, I heard a trumpet faintly at first building into a crescendo. I looked up into the sky and saw a huge cluster of fluffy white clouds. Jesus himself was in the forefront of the clouds sitting on a brilliantly white horse, and angels who held gleaming golden trumpets surrounded him. I was so fascinated, in my childlike way, and gloriously happy. Then, the vision started to fade, but I heard these words, "You will not die.

You will see my return. So lately I look up into the sky and have been seeing figures and shapes of Jesus! But tonight I dreamed of Jesus returning. It started with him floating around the word then coming back with trumpets playing as he floated down to earth. People began disappearing into petals, and those petals floated up. One by one, my parents and brother were disappearing, but I was left down on earth. Now I just supposed I had to wait a bit, but no I was wrong I was stuck on this earth as it slowly crumbled into pieces.

I was at a family gathering, and randomly, I started to float. I had a friend help to keep me from floating out of the house. In the next part the ground was breaking around me and a couple of my friends who were there. We started falling down, and I caught myself on the edge to get up to my mom a very holy woman.

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I got up and ran to her, and she told me to pray. I saw my boyfriend running with our baby, and I was crying as though they were going to hell, and I kept yelling to him to pray, please. He got up to us, and we were all being sent upstairs past a gate. My boyfriend got out of line and hid behind something with a gun pointing at whoever passed.

Bible Verses About Dreams

I woke up crying at the thought of me going to hell. I had another of my pastor trying to hurt me in inappropriate ways when I was home alone. These dreams make me not want even to sleep anymore. I was in the car with family and friends, and then all of a sudden a few of them were gone. Some people walking down the streets disappeared. Everyone knew it was the beginning of the end. It was the Rapture. Nobody was crying nor happy. It was confusing and bittersweet. I woke up before I saw anything else.

Rapture Dream A few weeks ago, I had a dream of the Rapture. It was very vivid. I remember I was in this very modern home, with lots of people I did not know; people surrounded me, but I don't recall ever seeing any of their faces. The front door of this home was more like a double door, and it was wide open.

I walked around a corner and was looking out these doors, and noticed how bright and beautiful the sky was. The people with me were pointing to the sky. I knew this brilliant light was Christ Jesus. I remember thinking to myself, "He's here! I'm going home! As I walked through the doors to the outside, I noticed that I was beside an older woman, and after looking at her more closely, realized she was my aunt who had died several years ago. She looked younger. My aunt was one of the most godly Christian women I have ever known.

I began to feel my body being pulled toward the light, lifting me off the ground. I looked back and saw my aunt still standing there. I immediately said, "Wait! I can't accurately describe the sensation my body felt while this was going on, but it was as if my spirit was moving faster than my body, like I was being stretched, seeing both my spirit and body. I remember passing the clouds, moving toward this beautiful bright light that I absolutely knew was Jesus. That was the last thing I remember from the dream, but I woke up feeling excited and blessed to have experienced that.