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Modern commentator who has brief notes on many of the verses of each Psalm. This resource can aid your study as well as teaching and preaching of the Psalms.

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Psalms Of Rejoicing

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Psalm Why Shoot Our Wounded? Psalm , 26 How To Answer Accusers. Psalm Who Is Great? Psalm Mrs. Psalm The Right Time? Psalm Don't Play 'What If? Blessedness and Praise. True Blessedness. A Certain Prescription for Happiness. A Happy Retrospect. Association with Sinners. Avoiding Evil Doers. Counsels to the Young. Witherspoon, D. Getting Used to an Ungodly Atmosphere.

Greatness, Happiness, Prosperity.

Psalm 1 NIV - BOOK I Psalms 1–41 - Blessed is the - Bible Gateway

Stages in Sin. The 1St Psalm, Introductory. Stewart Perowne, B. The Blessed Man. Did Jonah learn the psalm from the hostage?


Jonah did live in Israel! Verse 8: This is the turning-point of the psalm. A turning-point is when something changes. You will see two important changes in this verse. What happened to make him do this? Everywhere else he used the name God.

New International Version

We believe that what happened was this. He found God was with him in the Hermons.

God did not only live in Jerusalem. God was everywhere!

November 13, 12222

Verses 9 — But there were still questions. A question is something that you ask. He asked why God had forgotten him and why he was so sad. He asked why God let his enemies hurt him.

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Verse So he repeats verse 5. But this time we think that he said it with more belief that it was true. Another way to say this is that he was more sure of it. Verses 5 and 11 and verse 5 of Psalm 43 are all exactly the same. We think that this is a good reason for thinking that they are really two parts of one psalm. Tell it to the people that do not love me.

Why must I continue to be so sad?

Psalm 139: 13-16 / Verse by Verse Season 4 / Episode 3

Let them be my guide. We have seen that these two psalms are probably about a hostage. Maybe one of the kings that we have already talked about took him hostage. Maybe it was someone else. He was sad because he thought that God was still in Jerusalem. Psalm Then he found that God was still with him when he reached the Hermons. All the things round him That meant that God was still with him. Happier means "more happy".

We do not know where the hostage went now. It may be Israel, it may be Assyria or it may be Babylon.