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  1. Women's Polar Bears International Expedition Parka | Canada Goose | Sporting Life Online
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  3. Trump welcomes Baylor Lady Bears to the White House to celebrate 'tremendous' basketball title
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Baylor, a conservative school, considered homosexual acts a punishable offense until repealing that language from its campus sexual misconduct policy in Brittney Griner, a Baylor graduate who now plays for the Phoenix Mercury, has said that she was instructed not to disclose her sexuality — she is lesbian — when she played on the team.

Reeve wrote in an email. Unfortunately this president is making it a political statement rather than a celebration of basketball champions, which is what was intended since presidents began these type of celebrations in the s. Christy Hedgpeth, the chief operating officer for the W. The obvious catch, of course, is that not all winning teams want the chance to engage with Mr.

Log In. Housty, who has a degree in natural resource management, knew about a passive hair snag that others had used with success in the interior. It consists of a square of barbed wire maybe eight feet long on each side and a foot and a half off the ground, with a stack of sticks and moss in the middle that reek of fish. And when the bear comes by the trap, night or day, infrared video cameras fixed to nearby trees start recording.

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Women's Polar Bears International Expedition Parka | Canada Goose | Sporting Life Online

I spend a day with Neasloss and year-old Krista Duncan, who collects the hair and video footage from the traps and rebaits them. The material is sent to a lab at the University of Victoria, where the DNA is extracted, along with other information, and matched up with the video. This noninvasive method of data-gathering, as opposed to darting and radio-collaring, is in keeping with the deep respect the coastal people have for the bears.

What the hair-trap data are showing so far is that the grizzlies are on the move, probably looking for rivers with more salmon, Neasloss and Darimont think. Some grizzlies are swimming out to the islands where the white bears are. When a grizzly appears on a river where black bears are feeding on salmon, the island bears, white ones included, bolt into the forest. Or they might switch to increased nocturnal foraging. We visit a bear trap that has been set up on the edge of a lake created by an artificial dam.

Gold miners lived here until the s, when the mine was shut down. In a logging company moved in, clear-cutting the slopes and loading the logs on ships, and then leaving everything behind, apparently in great haste: trailers, 20 fuel barrels still full, a pickup truck with the key in the ignition, a big rusting Caterpillar, even a daily logbook, which Neasloss finds in one of the trailers and takes.

He is hopping mad about this toxic mess.

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Near the trailers, in a patch of Labrador tea, is the hair trap, with two balls of fresh white fur on adjacent tines. A new white bear.

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There was no sign of it when Duncan checked the trap two weeks earlier. This is the sixth white bear whose hair she has found this year. She puts on blue plastic gloves and removes the hair with tweezers and puts it into a small yellow envelope and Ziploc bag. Then she burns the tines with a small blowtorch so no hair residue will mix with the next samples. The next trap has been flooded by high tide and has black bear hair.

Alaska - Bear called Binky injures Australian tourist in 1994

It is on the edge of a forest of ancient red cedars, some thousand years old, Neasloss tells me. He cuts me a slice of its stem to bite into and shows me a western yew tree, one of the hardest trees in the forest, from which bows and arrows were made.

Trump welcomes Baylor Lady Bears to the White House to celebrate 'tremendous' basketball title

The root system of one of the cedars has been hollowed out into a den, in which Neasloss finds black bear hair. The nephrite came from two locations in what is now Washington State and was traded up and down the coast. She is working with Neasloss on fighting the Northern Gateway pipeline.

They could then stop the nonnative fishermen who are taking so many salmon out of the rivers, and prevent the tankers from using Douglas Channel. She tells me that the Heiltsuk, like the Kitasoo, believe there is no distinction between the land and the water. There are sea bears who are the counterparts of the grizzlies and black bears and spirit bears.

Two weeks after my visit, a Russian tanker full of oil, diesel fuel and a mix of other hydrocarbons loses power and goes adrift off the rocky coast of Haida Gwaii, the archipelago west of the Great Bear Rainforest. An American tugboat that happens to be in the port of Prince Rupert, on the Alaska border, gets to the tanker before it is dashed to pieces. Darimont emails that he is hugely relieved, but part of him wishes it had come closer to being a real disaster. The provincial government needs to realize the folly of letting tankers go up and down the Douglas Channel, he says.

The Canadian government, eager to sell its tar sands bitumen to China, has green-lighted the Northern Gateway pipeline, but there is a lot of opposition to it in British Columbia, and at least 14 nations on its route from Alberta to Kitimat have vowed to fight it every step of the way. With threats from hunting, climate change, overfishing and the movement of the grizzlies looming, the spirit bear and the mysterious ecocosmos that is its home need all the defenders they can get.

After the tide went out, mother and child emerged from the forest again and ate kelp and scraped acorn barnacles off the rocks. There is a Kitasoo expression: When the tide is out, the table is set. We sat frozen in elation, in a collective rapture, flooded with love for the bear and her cub and for each other, even though some of us, bear and human, were meeting for the first—and last—time.

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Human Behavior. Our Planet. Earth Optimism Summit. Ingenuity Ingenuity Awards. The Innovative Spirit. Travel Taiwan. American South. Travel With Us. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian. Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day. You have to view pictures with caution. Fish and game biologist Steve Lewis has seen a wide variation in the color of brown bears along Lynn Canal between Juneau and Skagway. A white color phase of the black bear, called the Kermode bear, is found in western British Columbia.

This white color phase is most common on Princess Royal and Gribbel islands, and accounts for about 10 percent of the bears. A litter of Kermode bears may also include black-colored bears. Sometimes the public takes a special interest in an unusual bear.

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  5. In , the state board of game took regulatory action to protect a white-colored black bear in the Juneau area. At this time, as a result of that incident, Alaska hunting regulations specify that a white colored bear may not be taken in Unit 1C the Juneau area.